Growing demand for smart gadgets: What want to buy in 2020 smartphone

Smartphones continue to be at the top of the wish list for 2019, according to the results of a representative poll conducted by Bitkom. Additionally much-coveted: smart gadgets such as robovacs, robotic lawn mowers and smart home devices.
Aside from New Year resolutions related to health and well-being, many men and women plan at the start of the year how they’d love to invest their cash in another 12 months. Technical apparatus of all types are obviously an integral thing on that wish list.
And smartphones are once more right at the top — each person in four Germans intend to purchase a new cell phone this year. That is the result of a representative survey conducted among 1,007 persons aged 16 and above on behalf of the German digital association Bitkom. The amount of 24 percent marks an increase over this for 2018 (20% ). A particularly interesting factor is that that wish is shared across all age classes. In particular 30- to 49-year-olds most want to buy a new device (26 percent), followed by 16- to 29-year-olds (25 percent). 22 percentage of 50- to 64-year-olds and 21 of the production aged 65 and over intend to purchase a new Smartphone at 2019.
Tablets are also well up on the shopping list (17 percent). The principal reasons for buying a brand new one would be the improvements in technical features such as the battery, camera functionality, a larger screen or storage capacity.
There has also been a sharp rise in the desire for a national robot and so to obtain an initial impression — in what’s going to be a playful way for many customers — roughly what the Internet of Things and the smart home is about. While only 8% of respondents intended to buy an electronic domestic robot for their own home in 2018, this amount has become every one-in-seven (15 percent). These devices can vacuum, dust or mow the lawn.

Greater than each one in ten (12 percent, 2018: 9 percent) plan to buy a digital voice assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.
There is also still an increasing desire for smart home products: 9 percent (2018: 6 per cent ) wish to purchase wise thermostats to control the heating in their smartphone or tablet. That’s almost the exact same as the amount for those intending to purchase smart lighting linked to the Internet: 8 percent (2018: 5 percent). Security cameras which can be controlled by means of an app are on the shopping list of 7 percent (2018: 5% ), while 3 percent (2018: 3% ) are planning to obtain a smart method for controlling the dividers from 2019.
Also on the wish list are e-bikes (8%, 2018: 6 per cent ) and virtual reality glasses (7%, 2018: 3% ). Drones are further down on the list (2 percentage, 2018: two percent). However, just over half of respondents (51% ) said they wouldn’t purchase at least one of these electronics in 2019.
Note on the methodology: The details are based on a poll conducted by Bitkom Research on behalf of the electronic association Bitkom at December 2018. 1,007 persons aged 16 and over were surveyed over the phone in Germany. The question read:”Which of these gadgets do you intend to purchase for yourself or your loved ones in 2019?”